Strijdveen is a high-end label driven by innovation that contributes to a sustainable future. Established in 2020, Strijdveen creates a line of knitted swimwear without concessions to functionality or form.

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We believe swimwear can be made conscious. Making this possible is embedded in our core by sourcing leftover stock yarns and repurposing them instead of producing new recycled fibres.


Our swimwear takes inspiration from natural body movements, imagining a sense of freedom, shaping the designs around a concept of how they influence someone’s self-esteem.


With integrity, Strijdveen always seeks innovative, environmentally friendly alternatives without compromising in artisan and style.




For two years, we have devoted ourselves to developing an innovative way of knitting swimwear, committing to a non-waste manufacturing technique that allows our swimwear to be 3D-knitted directly from the yarn through machinery. This way, we excrete leftover fabric that you would usually see a lot of when cutting swimwear patterns.

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